Product diversity

Wire rod products from Riesa.

Feralpi Drahtwerke supplies a broad spectrum of drawn wire rod and other steel products, from standard and special reinforcement meshes, via lattice girders to spacing supports and customised reinforcement elements.



Investments for high-quality reinforcement products.

The wire rod processed in our works is produced by Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH. To optimise this processing, over 30 million euros have been invested since our founding in 2002. A modern, highly specialised production process now meets the growing demands of the national and international market. At the same time, a constantly increasing workforce documents our success and newly established standing as an important employer in the Riesa area.

Employees since founding:

2002: 36
2003: 55 
2005: 86 
2007: 141 
2009: 153 
2010: 148 
2011: 147  



Bernd Kalies
Technical director

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Fax: +49 3525 749-281
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