Wire rod production.

Wire rod for construction solutions.

Feralpi Drahtwerke produces reinforcement meshes and other reinforcing steels for the strengthening of concrete structures.



Our product range includes:


Precise working for high steel quality.

The wire rod used is chosen and processed exactly as required for the products ordered by our customers. A high steel quality to DIN 1045-1 and compliance with the specified ductility classes is thus guaranteed. Through precision in their daily work, our qualified specialists ensure that you receive only high-quality products.

Our plant and machines:

  • Standard mesh welding machines GD 6 and GS 810
  • Special mesh welding machines QC 76, G8 and MG 230
  • Lattice girder welding machines TSD 7-30 and FIL GH 400 ST
  • Fully automatic mesh bending machine A.M.W.
  • Welding machine for chairs and snake spacers MG 303
  • Drawing plant for WR and KR steel grades
  • Various bar straighteners and wire drawing blocks