Modern steel tradition.

For high-performance products.

ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH is the largest business unit operating under the name Feralpi Stahl. There are currently 451* employees, including 18* trainees, responsible for its high-quality steel products. This product range covers continuous-cast billets, rebar,reinforcing steel in coil form and wirerod , enabling us to continue a long steel-making tradition in Riesa. We are furthermore an important employer and economic factor for the region. 



Investments in sustainable development.

A comprehensive programme of investments has been realised since our founding in 1992. The immediately evident outcome of this diverse package of measures has been the modernisation of all production facilities. Visitors to Riesa today witness an ultra-modern steelworks with electric arc furnace, ladle furnace and a combined roll train for the production of rebar and wire rod. All plant components remain subject to permanent further development, with the declared objective of both enhanced productivity and the maximum effectiveness of environmental protection.

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* Figures as per 31.12.2016


Frank Jürgen Schaefer
Managing director

ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke 
Feralpi GmbH
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