Our steel production.

From scrap to high-quality steel.

We produce steel exclusively from recycled scrap. For the most part, our recycling partners supply this feedstock ready for immediate melting. 
Only a small proportion requires prior reduction into smaller pieces in our shredder plant or flame cutting area. With this production approach, Feralpi Stahl plays an important role in waste recycling.



The steel production process.

The scrap metal is melted in an electric arc furnace, into which natural gas and oxygen are blown. At the same time, lime, anthracite coal, aluminium and foaming coal are introduced. Further additives, such as ferroalloys, quicklime, calcium carbide, burnt dolomite and charging coal, are mixed either directly into the scrap basket or later into the pouring ladle, as required. After measuring of the temperature, the molten steel is tapped into the ladle and analysed at the ladle furnace. The desired analysis values are set at the spectrometer and provide information on the quality of our steel. The quality in an individual case is influenced by way of specific additives and the targeted injection of nitrogen or argon. Subsequently, the molten steel is cast into intermediate billets on the five-line continuous casting plant.


Rolling of the intermediate billets.

In the rolling section, the billets are reheated from their present 600 to 850°C to the rolling temperature of 1,150 to 1,200°C in a gas-fired walking-beam furnace. At the next stage, they are then formed to their final dimensions on a combined bar/wire roll train. The ensuing product is then either rebar or wire rod. At the end of the roll train, the bars and rods are allowed to cool, before being bundled and weighed. They are then ready for transport.

Steel scrap
(secondary raw material):

  • Most important steel feedstock in the EU
  • Spares natural resources:
    Melting of 1 t steel scrap saves approx. 1 t CO2, 650 kg coal and 1.5 t iron ore


Steel grades:

  • Defined energy input and metallurgical processing for each steel grade
  • Melting in accordance with national/international standards and your specifications