Feralpi in Hungary.

European steel production.

The facilities of Feralpi Hungaria Kft. are located on the 48 km long Danube island Csepel , on the southern outskirts of Budapest. The product range concentrates on reinforcement meshes and derivatives for the Hungarian construction industry. Like Feralpi-Praha S.r.o., the Hungarian works is also a subsidiary of Feralpi Stahl.


Certificates for European markets.

Steel products from Hungary are supplied to customers in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Romania. The Feralpi Group holds a whole series of certificates of conformity which confirm that an individual product is approved for use in the given country. Guided, as always, by developments on the market, Feralpi is currently working to expand into Croatia from its base in Hungary.


Feralpi Hungaria Kft.
Utas u. 14
H-1025 Budapest

Tel.: +36 275 05 06
Fax: +36 275 05 06