Feralpi in the Czech Republic.

European steel production.

The Czech Republic was chosen as a new location for the Feralpi Group to promote qualitative and quantitative further development of our steel production at European level. Our investments enable us to serve the high, long-term demand for the most diverse steel products not only on the Czech market, but also in the neighbouring countries. The Feralpi production facility is located in Kralupy , a small town on the banks of the River Vltava, some 20 km northwest of Prague. From the legal point of view, the company is a subsidiary of Feralpi Stahl.


Steel for Central and Eastern Europe.

The steelworks began with the production of reinforcement meshes. Later, bar products and drawn wire in coil form were added to the portfolio in response to the requirements of the construction branch, the largest and most important customer of Feralpi Praha S.r.o. Products from the Czech Republic can also be supplied to further European markets. Feralpi currently possesses certification for its steel products for Germany, Austria and Slovakia.


Feralpi Praha S.r.o.
Piskovny 7
CZ-27801, Kralupy n. Vltavou

Tel.: +42 205 252 27 - 9
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