International steel business.

Sales of Feralpi products.

Feralpi Stahlhandel GmbH is your one-stop supplier for our whole product range. Working from our headquarters in Riesa and a branch office in Aichach (Bavaria), we cater for customers in many parts of Europe. As our sales subsidiary, Feralpi Stahlhandel can thus be seen as the connecting link between your individual wishes and our steel production centres.



Steel for Germany.

The company was originally founded in 1976 to coordinate the business of the Italian parent company Feralpi Siderurgica in Germany and Austria. Offices were at that time set up in Aichach. During the 1990s, the focus of German import business gradually shifted to Riesa, encouraged by the inauguration of the new steelworks. The successful development of the location led to a full transfer of the company offices to Riesa in 1999. When Elbe-Drahtwerke Feralpi was founded three years later, it was subsequently possible to supply the German market from local production.


Expert knowledge and quality advice.

The well-versed specialists at Feralpi Stahlhandel answer all your product and technology queries. That holds true both for the standard product ranges, for example rebar and standard reinforcement meshes, and for our tailored products, such as special meshes. In connection with special reinforcement meshes, we would be pleased to assist you in the optimisation of your plans.


Ralf Schilling
Managing director

Feralpi Stahlhandel GmbH
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