Safeguarding natural systems.

Sustainability as company policy.

Enterprises nowadays bear a much greater and above all more complex responsibility for the human and natural environments. This responsibility results from the awareness that natural resources are finite, and from knowledge of the impact of human activities on our planet Earth. As a consequence, sustainability is acquiring ever greater significance in business and industry. Feralpi, too, feels a deep obligation to promotion of these principles.



The origin of sustainability.


The origin of the concept of "sustainability" is to be found in forestry. The basic idea was first formulated in the Saxon Forestry Regulations of 1560. At that time, the prime concern was the high demand for wood for the mines which were being founded in large numbers in the hills of the Erzgebirge region. Rules were laid down to regulate felling and in this way to help protect Saxony's forests. Sustainability thus refers to a forest management policy, according to which it is only acceptable to remove timber to the extent to which the forest is able to renew itself. The long-term conservation of the forest areas is then secured, and their value safeguarded for future generations. Viewed more generally, sustainability describes an approach to the use natural resources such that their substance is not depleted.

For the Feralpi Group, the interdependencies of human development, nature and industry are decisive. It is only where economic, environmental and social aspects are brought into line that sustainable development of the company is feasible.

"Renewable resources must only be used at the rate at which they regenerate naturally."

Konrad Ott



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Sustainability Report 2007/08 of the Feralpi Group (in German, PDF, 10.9 MB)