Safety, environment and quality.

Three dimensions of sustainability.

The concept of sustainability is fully integrated into our daily activities. Three dimensions are here decisive: Safety, the environment and quality. At this point, we would like to highlight the significance of each of these aspects for Feralpi Stahl.


Assuming responsibility.

We are fully aware of our own responsibility and act accordingly to guarantee the health and safety of our employees and neighbours. Our steel production naturally stands at the focus of attention. It is a complex system to which many experts and specialists contribute. Precise knowledge of all processes and the care to be exercised at each individual step are crucial to our efforts to minimise risks. For this reason, our safety policy addresses every single employee of the company, and likewise all those with whom we interact in our daily activities.


Sparing use of resources.

We apply the latest technologies and knowledge to eliminate impact on the environment. The air purification systems of our steelworks are a good example of this. They collect and filter the emissions from the arc and ladle furnaces, the melting shop and other production halls. This pioneering purification solution has been taken as a model for other European steelworks. The significance assigned to environmental protection in the Feralpi Group is furthermore illustrated in our environmental management certification to ISO 14001:2004.


Monitored steel quality.

Our whole production process is subject to consistent monitoring. In this way, we are able to ensure that our steel products at all times possess the necessary quality for use as supporting components in the most diverse building structures. Feralpi Stahl also maintains a quality management system certified to EN ISO 9001:2008. The quality of our steel products is furthermore confirmed by a series of national and international certificates, as prerequisites for the realisation of special construction solutions.

"It is possible to produce with respect for man and the environment: Sustainability is an obligation to which the Feralpi Group devotes permanent attention."

Giuseppe Pasini 
President of the Feralpi Group


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