Promoting every single employee.

The potential of Feralpi.

It is the employees who shape the character of Feralpi Stahl. With their knowledge and skills, they assume responsibility for our steel production. Every single employee is important, and the Feralpi Group thus seeks to promote individual development in many ways. We have laid down our Governance Guidelines in the code of Ethic.


Sound vocational training.

Young people are our future. Consequently, we invest significantly in projects to further their education and training. These projects include a training programme realised together with the vocational training college and the regional qualification centre in Riesa. Over the course of three years, the young participants learn all the important skills for their work in our steel production, and at the same time lay foundations for a career with a promising future.



Broad support from qualification to private interests.

Every employee has the chance to continue career training - to learn new technologies, to refine skills and to expand specialist knowledge. The company provides every conceivable backing along this road. After all, it is our conviction that lifelong learning is a key success factor - both for an individual team and for Feralpi Stahl as a whole. Our employees can even rely on our support in their private life. Feralpi Stahl offers financial assistance to families with small children. At the same time, we encourage the regular use of regional fitness centres and swimming baths with attractive membership subsidies. We believe that it is very important to pursue such recreation and leisure interests parallel to one's working life. Sporting activities are here an ideal contribution.


Intercultural strength.

A diversity of activities brings people together. Our open days and the local dragon-boat festival are two examples of how employees are able to get to know each other better, and how the public is granted an insight into our work. That people from different cultural backgrounds work together is a matter of course at Feralpi Stahl: Germans from the works in Riesa with Italians from our parent company, or Czechs and Hungarians from our subsidiaries. We have the unique opportunity to blend the characteristic traits of all these nationalities. That is what distinguishes us and makes us successful.


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