Guiding environmental responsibility.

Environmental protection as a key corporate principle.

Protection of our environment is a central concern at all locations which are members of the Feralpi Group. This concern includes also an obligation to guarantee the health and safety of our employees. Such factors form an essential basis for achievement of the high quality of our steel products. Accordingly, in 2007, we established a dedicated environmental management system in Riesa, implementing the guidelines specified in DIN EN ISO 14001:2004.   Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH adheres consistently and strictly to all government-prescribed limits and thresholds. Compliance is monitored continuously by way of both external and internal audits. In recognition of the results achieved, the Feralpi Group was awarded the coveted Environmental Certificate in July 2008. A surveillance audit performed in March 2009 confirmed the recorded values and thus the validity of the certification.



Sustainability in production.

Further guiding principles and obligations are defined by the environmental management system: At Feralpi Stahl, we select all plant and production equipment with a view to minimum impact on the environment and our natural resources. At the same time, we are relentless in our search for possibilities to optimise our facilities. Equally important is an open, honest and transparent dialogue with the public.

Interested local residents and other members of the general public can contact us at any time through our Public Relations Hotline on +49 3525 749-186.

Last but not least, ther Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (PDF, 621.7 KB) of the Feralpi Group provides a binding framework for our daily work.


All-embracing commitment.


The overall objective of our environmental management system is to promote the forward-looking and careful handling of all resources. To this end, we involve every single employee of our company, with corresponding training and information. In addition, environmental issues are shifted into the awareness of customers, suppliers and the public at large. It is our obligation towards society as a whole to reduce emissions and waste as far as possible, with the ultimate target of complete avoidance. In this spirit, we continue to expand our commitment to environmental protection.



Further information on these activities can be found in our

Environmental Policy 2010-2012. (PDF, 1126.9 KB)

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