Measures for the environment.

Sustainable steel production.

Environmental protection is the core motivation of many of our investments, and the measures taken are based on some of the most powerful technologies available. Our most important raw material is recovered from scrap steel. We are thus a significant pillar of the recycling process. It is for us similarly a matter of course to re-use any waste arising from our production.

The circulation of cooling water is a good example: The waste heat from the steelworks is used to heat our production lines. And the slag from iron and steel production plays an important role in road-building.


Our environmental protection measures can be divided into four main areas:

  • Dust minimisation,
  • Noise abatement,
  • Improvement of working conditions,
  • Future measures.


Reduction by 90%.

To minimise emissions, we installed a second waste gas purification system in 2006. The two systems enable us to filter a total waste gas flow of up to 1,250,000 Nm³/h. This represents a reduction of the previous dust emissions by 90%.

The purification installations incorporate two activated carbon injection systems, with which critical substances can be filtered out almost completely. This is the best and most innovative technology for electric steelmaking plants. The filters are effective in preventing diffuse emissions.

In 2008, slag management was reorganised and operation of the skull cracker modified. The white slag can be re-used almost fully in regular steel production. This saves fresh lime and energy. There is also less waste.

Avoid noise, shorten transport distances

Over the same period, we have also erected noise barriers and a scrap conveyor. Such measures not only reduce the levels of noise emissions from our production facilities, but also keep the transport distances for scrap handling as short as possible.


Further optimisation

It is our firm intention to further expand our environmental protection measures in the future. Currently, we are working on plans to modify the air intake and waste air routing in the production hall, and thereby to reduce dust and noise emissions to a minimum. The working conditions for employees at Feralpi Stahl are also taken into account in this planning.

Detailed information on the measures taken can be found in our Environmental Policy 2010-2012.

Core environmental protection measures:



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