Steel as the backbone of society.

An enterprise steeped in tradition

As a core member of the European Feralpi Group, Feralpi Stahl supplies steel products which play a decisive role for the most varied projects. Riesa is a location with a long steel-making tradition. Today, mature expertise is paired with cutting-edge production technologies. Our customers can thus expect products meeting the highest quality standards, and a partner committed to environmental protection.

Comprehensive product range

Steel is an essential basis of our society. It can be used in countless different ways and retains its strength over many, many years. Steel is for example a key material in the construction industry.
Feralpi Stahl supplies approx. 950,000 tonnes of steel products every year.

Broad spectrum of services

By drawing the feedstock for our production from scrap steel, we help to spare the Earth's natural resources. We are also fully committed to this important role in the waste recycling process. Our steelworks and wire drawing mill employ the latest available technologies to prevent emissions.

We have been supplying a basis for efficient industrial plants, important traffic infrastructure and eye-catching architecture since 1843. Constant adjustment to market developments has characterised the history of the steel town Riesa. We are proud to be continuing this tradition in our development of state-of-the-art, environment-friendly production technologies.