Feralpi Stahl snake spacers.


Snake spacers in accordance with DBV Code of Practice “Chairs”

The linear spacers are produced from cold-ribbed or drawn steel. They provide support for the upper reinforcement layer.




Distance between spacers



Diameter of supported bars

Maximum distance between spacers 1)
for linear support 2)


ds ≤ 6,5 mm

50 cm


6,5 mm < ds ≤ 12 mm

70 cm


ds > 12 mm

70 cm 3)



The maximum distance between spacers corresponds to the centre distance.


Linear supports are to be butted in the longitudinal direction according to DBV Code 
of Practice “Chairs”.


Calculations must be provided as verification for a greater distance between spacers.



Country Germany
Approvals DBV Code of Practice “Chairs”
Permissible loads 0,67 kN/m

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